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  • 2005

  • >> loucee & laurent's wedding | february 6, 2005 [view]

    the reception wedding at dharmawangsa hotel, jakarta. great wedding, great company, great food and the couple looked really good. better than ever. best wishes on your marriage. it was a wonderful and pretty wedding, indeed.

  • 2004

  • >> bloggirls plus plus ...| december 30, 2004 [view]

    in late december, we had a little gathering in "cilandak town square". it was the "bloggirls" gathering cuz it turns out many of the invitees are girls, though there are a couple of friends of the bloggirls were in the opposite gender. hanzky who visited jakarta was there, along with alaya, velas, lissa, elle, and of course me.

    >> snapshots of manhattan | @ sLesTa.com (last update: 04/14/2004) [view]

    this is the album for all the snapshots taken around manhattan.  it will be updated regularly, so check it out from time to time.

    >> "road trip across USA in 10 days" | september 17-26, 2004 [view]

    i made a vow awhile ago that i would go on a road trip across the states if i ever decided to go home for good. then upon my decision, paw told me that he was going to las vegas for his friend's wedding, so i tagged along and we planned the trip back to new york. but unfortunately we cut the trip short so we can spend more time in new orleans. besides, we both had done the trip back to new york from the south. so in 10 days, we were on the road from las vegas, nevada to new orleans, louisiana, passing about 12 points of interests, crossing 7 states. this is a photography road trip, cuz all we care about was to get that perfect shot along the way and enjoy the experience, the view and the company. definitely one of the most memorable vacation i ever had... i wish it never ends...

    >> "tribute light to the twin towers" | september 11, 2004 [view]

    after a failed attempt a night earlier, this time we got the light on the whole night from dusk till dawn in tribute to the memory of the victims of the "twin towers" on 9/11. we took the pictures in dumbo brooklyn to capture the two lights, where the twin towers stood. then we moved to where the lights were energized, in the parking lot of battery park city, near the ground zero. it is an amazing view to see the two blue lights stood all the way up to the sky.

    >> "manhattan skyline" | september 10, 2004 [view]

    in our attempt to capture this year's tribute light to twin towers, paw and me went to this artsy-full-of-graffity building in long island city, right across ps1. when we realized the light went off earlier than we thought, so we tried to capture the "empire state building" instead, along with manhattan skyline.

    >> "the cloister lawn" | september 6, 2004 [view]

    me, loucee & paw decided at last minute to visit "the cloisters" on labor day holiday. and we forgot, they are closed on monday. so we could only walked around the lawn area and took some pictures of the arches.

    >> "reminiscing rhode island" | september 5, 2004 [view]

    a reminiscing trip to newport & providence, rhode island. took most of the day pictures in newport and the night view of downtown providence. too bad i could only spent a day there. wish it was longer. i'm gonna miss that place, for sure!

    >> "gebyar: experience indonesia" | august 21, 2004 [view]

    permias NYC presents an indonesian cultural night titled "gebyar: experience indonesia!" 2004. it is the climax of all the preparation we have been working on since april. the event is a night of celebration of our independence day, as well as a charity event and to promote our culture to new york city. the event includes, traditional dances, fashion show, exhibition, food sampling, band, dangdut, and operette.

    >> "gebyar" formal grand rehearsal | august 20, 2004 [view]

    a day before "gebyar: experience indonesia!" 2004. it's a formal grand rehearsal of casts & performers at wallace hall, nyc.

    >> "gebyar" mini gladi resik | august 15, 2004 [view]

    mini gladi resik in preparation of "gebyar: experience indonesia!" 2004 at KJRI.

    >> independence day tournament | august 7, 2004 [view]

    in celebration of indonesia'a 59th year of independence, indonesian consulate in nyc set up tournaments in sunken meadow park, long island. it was volleyball, soccer, and lotsa good food. the boys from permias nyc joined in for its soccer tournament, and the girls? .. we did a little promo of our upcoming "gebyar" event.

    >> curiosa festival @ randall's island, nyc | july 31, 2004 [view]

    curiosa festival features: the cooper temple clause, mogwai, auf der maur, the rapture, thursday, interpol, muse, and .. of course.. the cure! went to see the festival with paw, but we got there late so we kinda missed the first three performances. but that's okay, the rest of the line up are just great!

    >> home sweet home | july 5-11, 2004 [view]

    the official pictures of my vacation this year. took many pictures of every part of jakarta, bogor, and the traditional markets, using my new nikon d70. i had to choose the lucky few to be put in the album, cuz there are lotsa and lotsa them. enjoy!

    >> election day | july 5, 2004 [view]

    i had an opportunity to tag along with a bunch of reporters during election day. but the most precious time was to watch the sunset on top of deutche bank building and took pictures of jakarta with lambok and kapritz. although many of the pictures here are snapshots and not with high quality, the better picture are stored in this album

    >> blog meet | july 4, 2004 [view]

    i finally met up with a bunch of friends whose faces and writings i have become so familiar with, but never met in person. yep, these are my blogger friends. another surprise announcement (with the help of ella), i met up with them during lunch time on a sunday afternoon at Cilandak Town Square. it was nice meeting you guys, we shall do it again when i'm around, ya! ;)

    >> incubus in concert | june 25, 2004 [view]

    incubus in concert @ madison square garden, nyc. great concert! the picture was taken from our seat that's located on the right side of the stage. we had to see them from the side, but we were damn close. this was my second time watching them live, and i'd go again if i can. ;)

    >> suaka tribe | june 21, 2004 [view]

    suaka, the hardrock indonesian band from new york city, is performing at acme underground in soho. suaka is rully, denny, marcel & kiki. it was a great nite, a lot of people showed up to show supports. they played great although there was some technical difficulties in the beginning. but all and all, it was a nice first gig for them.

    >> mets game | june 19, 2004 [view]

    new york mets vs. detroit tigers. i'm not a big fan of the mets nor the tigers , but for free ticket (and free food), i'm there! thanks to owob who gave me the free ticket. going to ball game is always fun, surprisingly even when you're not rooting for the team. at the end, we left before the game was over, cuz the weather was getting colder and the game was tie at the end of the 9th inning. i wonder who won. :)

    >> guggenheim museum | june 8, 2004 [view]

    visited guggenheim museum on a "museum mile" event, where entrance fees for all museums on fifth avenue are free of charge. fifth avenue was closed from 6-9pm where people walked on the street and listening to jazz music in front of the museum and enjoying the nice weather, the breeze of summer next to central park. me, owob, loucee & mucil chose to visit "guggenheim museum" (although loucee ended up just watching the jazz performance in front of the museum). although for the most part, we were not allowed to take picture, i took some.. too bad i can't take the exhibition on photography which was awesome.

    >> sLesTa meets thalia | june 2, 2004 [view]

    thalia visits NYC. this time, i got to see her in person, finally! it's funny cuz although we knew each other from each other's blogs since 2-3 years ago, and lived in the same city at the time, we never met up in person. until now!

    >> "the strokes" in concert | may 19, 2004 [view]

    the kick off concert at central park summer stage 2004. went to see the concert with owob & denny. the weather was great, the concert was good, and the dinner was.. GYRO! what else?

    >> 50 years of ferrari | april 30, 2004 [view]

    christie's 50 years of ferrari celebration at rockefeller center, new york city. joined in with bowo to take some pictures of the amazing cars, including the already-bumped-in maserati, to the newest ferarri even that blue car, claimed to be the most expensive ferrari at its value of 8 million dollars.

    >> going home from work | april 29, 2004 [view]

    took pictures along my path home from work. from fifth avenue to 34th street, herald square, subway station, on the train and along queens blvd., until i went inside my apartment.

    >> philadelphia art museum | april 25, 2004 [view]

    visited philadelphia art museum. most of the pictures are some of the interesting exhibitions we found inside the museum. the explanation is usually shot right after the object. it was a grand museum with wonderful displays.

    >> philadelphia | april 24, 2004 [view]

    although this is not my first time visiting this city, it was for loucee's. but it was my first time to finally able to walk around the center city and took pictures. with dimas and arif as our tour guide, we walked around for more than three hours. hendrik joined us in the beginning when we visited the "love park" with its pink water fountain. we then continued our "tour" around the center city, the market, and at the end we ended up searching for more murals that can be seen all over the city. and the city have such beautiful murals, from downtown to the ghetto area. too bad we only took pictures of 4 murals during our "tour". first, cuz our tour guide lost interest and instead took us somewhere else, second, i was running out of space on my camera. maybe we'll take more on our next trip...

    >> lower east side - soho | april 17, 2004 [view]

    our first taste of the summer... well, not exactly summer but it was getting there. loucee and i were planning to go to brooklyn museum which just opened this weekend. but as we met up with lina then had our brunch at cafe habana we decided to stick around the lower east side and soho area and took pictures along the way. another photography-hunting day for us. again.. i really need a better camera. anyone want to buy one for me? hihiih...

    >> a day in brooklyn | april 10, 2004 [view]

    it was a great saturday spring weather, so loucee, denny ridz, and bowo decided to go for photography-object hunting around dumbo, brooklyn then walked over brooklyn bridge to manhattan side. took lots of good pictures. this one comes from my sony cybershot camera. definitely need to get a better one cuz by the end of the day i was frustrated trying to get a nice picture with a correct lighting and my camera couldn't support it. on top of that, it died on me, ran out of battery before i walked over the bridge. *sigh*

      >> "dream theater" in concert @ MSG | april 3, 2004 [view]

    a great band. an awesome venue. an awesome performance. an awesome concert. awesome companies to go to the concerts with. awesome nite! 'nuff said!

    >> gore mountain | january 23-25, 2004 [view]

    our first ski/snowboarding trip this year to gore mountain in upstate new york. fun day at the snow. came back on saturday night, didn't get back to queens until midnight, just in time to wish happy 23rd birthday for my bro, denboy.

    >> raafi ganto | january 22, 2004 [view]

    welcome to syachraafi ardiputra ganto, son of basri & ade ganto. born in lenox hill hospital, nyc @ 11.43 am on thursday, january 22, 2004. congratulations for the proud parents of this cute baby boy!

    >> soho | january 17, 2004 [view]

    one cold saturday afternoon. despite of the cold, the weather was pretty okay, the sun shines brightly and so loucee and i thought it was a nice time to take pictures around soho. and we did. brought along wulan who's been visiting in nyc and dimas. we took many nice snaps and candid photography around soho.

    >> LOTR weekend | january 10, 2004 [view]

    LOTR movie screening @ alice tully hall, lincoln center. the screening includes the cast of the movies as well as the screening of the extended versions. we were not allowed to take pictures, but heck, i took them anyways, so pardon the bad results. :D

    >> surprise birthday party | january 2, 2004 [view]

    my friends threw a surprise birthday party for me. we have been doing this tradition for the past 2-3 years.. but this time is truly special cuz i never expected them to buy me a lovely present that i've been wanting to get myself. thank you guys!! you're the bestest friends any girl would ask for.. !!

  • 2003

  • >> snapshots of manhattan | by sLesTa (last update: 12/25/2003) [view]

    this is the album for all the snapshots taken around manhattan.  it will be updated regularly, so check it out from time to time.

    >> new year's eve at times square | december 31, 2003 [view]

    this is our attempt to spend new year's eve at times square. we came in early, got online, passed the tight security and got the spot nicely... only to last less than two hours. although the weather was not so cold that day, we gave up a few minutes before 7pm and left to join our friends.

    >> first snow storm in december | december 5-6, 2003 [view]

    first snow storm in december, the second blizzard of the year. 20 inches of snow accumulated over 2 non-stop snowy days.

    >> the white stripes | november 20, 2003 [view]

    a sold out show at roseland ballroom. this concert is an extended concert after a postponed july show. the white stripes, well.. mostly jack, was surprisingly awesome and the show was great! definitely one of my good memories i made with adis.

    >> concert of the "guitarist gods" | november 10, 2003 [view]

    denny's night out to the concert of "the guitarist gods" - joe satriani, yngwie malmsteen & steve vai - @ beacon theater, new york city.

    >> mars volta in concert | october 24, 2003 [view]

    @ roseland ballroom.  the band didn't come out until late and after 3 performing act who were kinda sucked and a half.  i mean, one of them was good but the others were suck.  and on top of that, mars volta only played just for such a short time although their stage performance was very energetic.

    >> dave weckl band | october 10, 2003 [view]

    a progressive jazz performance at bottom line, new york city. a small venue. dave's performance was spectacular, showing his mad skills behind the drum set. he makes it look so easy.

    >> radiohead in concert | october 9, 2003 [view]

    a sold out concert at MSG *madison square garden* went to see thom yorke and the gang with my bro, after work. the concert was awesome. radiohead was great.

    >> bored at work .. in the city | sep.26 - sep.27, 2003 [view]

    just a random picture at work and in the city at night.  i was just bored so i took some snapshots.

    >> 3rd weekend of sep. 2003 | sep.19 - sep.21, 2003 [view]

    officially the last weekend of summer 2003, i got to do lots of stuff. nadine's birthday, finia came over from dc, and rudin's memorial service @ columbia university. may God bless his soul!

    >> moving dayz to new apartment | aug 30 - sep 14, 2003 [view]

    it took us a whole weekend to move our stuff to the new apartment, and another two weeks until we have fixed our new apartment, including the new kitchen.  this is an almost virtual tour our new apartment and a look of "before & after" pictures.

    >> summer sanitarium tour 2003 | july 8, 2003 [view]

    summer sanitarium tour 2003 at giants stadium. featuring: metallica, limp bizkit, linkin park, deftones & mudvaynes.  awesome concerts, it was a hella fun!!

    >> norah jones's concert | june 25, 2003 [view]

    norah jones in concert at beacon theater, new york.  the venue is beautiful and the concert was great.  the pictures kinda blurred a little because we didn't wanna use the flash since it'd bother other people, but came.. well, good enough!! ;)

    >> spring cleaning | april 2003 [view]

    rearranging our apartment for a spring cleaning. well, that.. and the fact that our parents are coming. we need to make extra room and rearrange the layout so it feels spacier..

    >> snow blizzard 2003 | february 16-17, 2003 [view]

    the biggest snow blizzard in new york city this decade. the snow fell the whole night and day resulted a couple of feet of snow around the city. it was so thick, we had to dig our car before we can drive it. and it took denny 3 hours to get it out of the snow "grave".

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